Across the pond and back again

Just returned from London for what I'm calling an ironic Thanksgiving holiday. While there I couldn't help but notice the amount of surveillance cameras which populate every area in the London financial district. I imagine people grow numb to the cameras over time, as with most anything people can become accustomed to even the most grotesque of circumstances, which is all the more concerning as our own country is heading towards the same.

NSA Memo detailing legal justifications for domestic spying

While many 4th amendment advocates like myself disagree with U.S. domestic spying programs, the legality of the programs remains untested, and due to the secrecy of the programs, would have remained both unknown and unchallenged until they were leaked by Edward Snowden last year. To gain insight into the minds of those behind these programs, we can examine the following memo.

NSA Backdoors Crypto

In 1992, a hollywood movie entitled "Sneakers" came out, the central theme of the film was that the NSA was working to subvert cryptography in order to perpetuate domestic surveillance and infiltrate systems. Whether the film inspired people at the NSA or was a prophetic coincidence is up for debate, but what we do know is based on the leaked NSA documents below, we can see that the agency has been working with third party vendors to weaken encryption. While RSA (now owned by EMC) is the biggest loser in the public relations scandal at the moment, it would seem there are other co-conspirators given the plural references to multiple vendors in the leaked NSA documents.

Apple, Google, Facebook Join Civil Liberties Groups for NSA Transparency

Time Magazine Report's that the tech heavy weights are asking permission to be able to tell the American people just often they are asked to give up your personal information to the government due to provisions of the US PATRIOT Act.

I'm going to enjoy hearing the reason why this request gets denied...